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Promoting ‘Leadership’ and Progression in People in Recovery

Promoting ‘Leadership’ and Progression in People in Recovery
Wednesday 30th August 2017
Cost £95
Venue: Waypoint 646, Abbeydale Road, S7 2BB

Think of successful leaders - Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Alex Ferguson, drug and alcohol addicts….

Risk Assessment is at the heart of so much of our work these days. Sometimes we assess the risk without thinking about how to manage it.

Can we really be the facilitators of the transition from hopelessness, shame, self-doubt and a desire to be 'fixed', to acceptance, celebration, leadership and humility?

A big part of Waypoint’s work is providing life changing training for people in recovery (see our Better than Well Offer for some of the courses we run). The Waypoint Way is doing this by finding the unique strength in each person we work with and growing it. We promote a different view of who makes a successful leader and encourage active citizenship as part of people’s recovery, not just within the recovery community but out there, in the ‘real world’.

Using the models of asset-based community development and leadership programmes such as Public Allies, this course will help you understand leadership’s role in solving frontline community problems and challenge you in your role as a developer of leadership in your own organisations.

Cost : £95 Running Time: 1 day 10am – 4:30pm

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