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New Approaches for Responding to Complex Needs
The world is changing. The way we understand mental health and wellbeing has been undergoing a revolution. The way we understand emotional distress and troubling behaviour has changed. We are moving away from a labelling approach that creates an ‘us and them’ attitude. Instead, we are moving towards a way of understanding each person as unique, having their own way of being that is multi-faceted and enmeshed in their community and relationships. We are all messed up, it’s just we do messed up in our own individual ways. Some life circumstances lead to individuals having more extreme distress. The greater the psychological threats we face, the more diverse behaviours we may have to adopt to survive.
Evolution has evolved. We understand how our shared evolutionary history sets us all up to have emotional distress. The good news is the new thinking shows we also have neuroplasticity and with emotion-focussed and collaborative care people can live meaningful lives and contribute to a well-being society.
Waypoint works within Project 6, a charity that supports individuals and families with a range of complex issues. We train mental health professionals, social prescribers, family workers, criminal justice workers and others in the wellbeing sector. They are telling us that they would like more access to this new knowledge and to align their skills to provide cutting edge effective responses.
We have responded to this with our new Open Course programme which provides the understanding and the skills to work within the new wellbeing environment. It is firmly rooted in the evidence-base.
Each of the 11 courses that make up this programme can stand alone and will help you to provide this emotion-focussed collaborative approach to the people you work with. They also provide a coherent programme, building on one another. You will receive a certificate of attendance for each course you attend. If you attend 7 out of the 11, you will receive an overarching New Approaches for Responding to Complex Needs Certificate.
Uncovering the Story: from “what’s wrong with you” to “what’s happened to you”

This knowledge and skills-based course will help you to help people tell their story and make sense of their emotional distress, troubled and troubling behaviour.


Your will learn how to help people with complex needs make sense of their... Read More

Motivational Interviewing Compassionately

Motivational Interviewing is a potent, evidence-based approach for working with people with troubling behaviour who do not yet see the need for change.


Whilst around since the early 1980s, the approach was updated... Read More

The Third Wave of CBT: Understanding mindfulness, acceptance and compassion focussed approaches

The Third Wave of CBT looks at changing behaviour and the context of cognitions, by adopting mindfulness, acceptance and compassion approaches.


This course will explain the change and how it... Read More

Compassionate Solution Focussed Practice

Once upon a time, solution-focussed approaches relied heavily on questioning; it could lead to a failure to validate negative emotions.


This new approach to Solution-Focussed interventions draws strongly on the new ideas in neuroscience... Read More

Relapse Prevention for the 21st Century

This course looks at a range of ways of understanding how people lapse and relapse back to problematic behaviour after making a successful change.


It focuses particularly on the newer mindfulness-based approaches... Read More

Hooked: the New Neuroscience of Addiction

This is a knowledge-based course that summarises the latest developments in neuropsychology and evolutionary psychology. It explains the rapid explosion of addiction to behaviours beyond taking substances, such as use of social media, gaming and... Read More

Group Facilitation Skills: Social Identity Approaches

Groupwork is a fabulous way to build the kind of social connection that is central to new approaches for responding to complex needs.


The evidence is that people with better social connections have better physical and mental health... Read More

Growing Peer Supporters

Peer support is an important part of a wellbeing society. It is increasingly being recognised that offering support to others creates meaning, purpose and wellbeing.


This course will help you consider how best to help ‘service users’ transition to peer supporters... Read More

Pause & Take Five

Using the Five Ways to Wellbeing model, this course is an opportunity to reflect on personal wellbeing, consider some of the latest research on mental health and develop new approaches to managing life’s challenges... Read More

Ikigai: Finding a reason for being, Life Purpose

So often people who have struggled with complex issues want to give back to society. Hooray.


And yet, the temptation can be to give back where we have struggled. This can trap us in an identity based on how we used to be... Read More

Other Relevant Courses

Understanding and Responding to Spice

Spice (Synthetic Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists) use is increasing. These chemicals pose unique problems and are frequently used by people with a range of issues, and often known to mental health, drugs and alcohol, criminal justice and homelessness...

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Making the Most of Your Team

This course has been designed for individuals who are currently at or wish to progress to management or team leadership roles in health, social care and related fields. It will help you manage people who work or volunteer with vulnerable adults...

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