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Why Consider In-House Training?


Training your staff has many benefits – and it’s not just the development of a new skill set!  In particular, in-house training can be incredibly beneficial to a workforce to expand work-related knowledge as well as individual employee confidence.  Waypoint do not deliver ‘off the shelf’ training for our bespoke customers. See our five points on how training can improve your organisation’s performance:

  1. Build Employee Confidence and Retention

As well as your employees learning new skills and approaches to their work, training gives staff members the confidence to tackle new challenges independently and put their newly learnt knowledge into practice which can quickly increase productivity.  This new motivation can spread like wildfire across an organisation! Happy employees with a wide-ranging skills set. Win, win!

  1. Improve Quality

Identifying and targeting any shortcomings within a team can improve the quality of overall output.  Training members of staff can increase efficiency within a role and as a result provides an increased contribution to a team with staff working effectively together.


  1. Customised to your working context and environment

Waypoint have delivered in-house training to a wide range of professionals. We’re skilled at designing the training to align with the context of your work and local trends and demographics. Our experiential approaches enable participants to apply the learning to their own particular working contexts and challenges.

  1. Building teams and consensus

When learning new concepts and theories, open discussions and the sharing of ideas is encouraged and supported.  Training gives team members the opportunity to interact with other colleagues they may not often have the chance to day-to-day which can lead to the sharing of experiences and a greater sense of connection within a group.

  1. Saving money and the planet.

With commissioned in-house training, the trainer comes to you! This is often a cheaper option than sending several staff onto one of our Open Courses and also reduces travel which is great for the planet! Our trainers, wherever possible, use public transport.  Training can be arranged on site or why don’t you use the opportunity to have a day out for the whole team and hire a space in a unique location?


Sounds like something your team and organisation would benefit from?  Contact Waypoint today to discuss your needs. We’ll work with you to produce a set of learning Objectives that match your specific needs.


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