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Once upon a time, solution-focussed approaches relied heavily on questioning. This could lead to a failure to validate negative emotions.

This new approach to Solution-Focussed interventions, captured by Mckergow 2016*, draws strongly on the new ideas in neuroscience and psychology, especially neuroplasticity. It moves from questions to validating emotions compassionately and offering hope.

In the past, SF approaches have sometimes been misunderstood to be a rush to ‘quick fixes’ and have therefore been associated with what has been called ‘toxic positivity’. Although this should never have been part of SF approaches, the approach covered in this skills-based course makes it easier to adopt an emotion-focussed and collaborative style that honours human distress and instils hope.

This course is suitable for people new to Solution Focussed approaches and experienced practitioners who want to understand the latest updates.

*McKergow, M. (2016.) SFBT 2.0: The next generation of Solution Focused Brief Therapy has already arrived, Journal of Solution Focussed Brief Therapy vol 2 no 2 pp 1-17



 What you will learnArtboard 70

  • Principles of solution-focussed approaches
  • The role of hope in making changes
  • Characteristics of preferred futures
  • The neuroscience of visioning preferred futures
  • Eliciting best hopes
  • The miracle question
  • Scaling approaches

  1 day course
  Kala Sangam Arts Centre, Bradford, BD1 4TY
  Open course with individual places
  Lunch provided

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If you have a number of people in your organisation who would benefit, it may be more cost effective to bring it to you.

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